Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog.

It takes discipline to write a piece using only 100 words!

This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by John Nixon

Fictioneers 28 March John Nixon.jpg

Joanna’s story ~ The Curse of the Curving Trees

 We reach for the sky, arms tearing through the rigid surface of the planet. We need sunlight, air, the sustenance of rain. We drive our way through, demanding life.

 We force the shell of the planet to yield.

 Yet no matter how we strive for our freedom, for life above ground, our bodies and legs remain imprisoned in the darkness, the silence.

 We signal one another, to ease the loneliness, the pain. We sigh, and we cry, and we breathe.

 And we wait.

 One day, this curse will snap free.

 One day, we will again walk the Earth as giants.

 [100 words]


Ron’s story ~ On Wing and Time

 Those long, spiking arms reach up to me, their greening tips offer welcome.

Grey brown fingers crossing, click quietly in my supporting air.

Soon those bursting ends will nourish them, bringing me food and sanctuary:

My rest, my roost, where I hide my perch and knit a home of their discards.


Things move amongst their thickening bases, rarely glimpsing me soar.

Lives following different courses in different planes in the same space; rarely touching,

Save the knowing few who befriend my kind, us travellers on wing and time.

They exchange their protection and grounding and drift through eternity.

[98 words]


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