“You can’t eat that. It might be poisonous,” Mickey warned. His hand reached for the twig and pulled it from Shera’s grasp.

“It’s not! Mama’s been collecting them over the last few days, just after sunrise.” Shera snatched the twig back.

“Do you even know what it is?” Mickey said, his eyebrows lifting. His mouth twisted into a mocking smile.

Shera drew herself up to her full four feet ten inches. “I do. It’s a revak root. Mama said it’s a delicacy and that Papa will love it when she prepares it for his dinner this evening.”

Mickey paled. He flung the root aside and grabbed his sister. “It’s revak? Shera, that’s fatally poisonous. If she’s going to cook that for Papa, that means she wants to …Shera, where has Mama stored the other revak root?”

Shera’s voice was a whisper. “In the cellar.”

The children raced for home.


Story copyright Joanna Gawn 2014
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