Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. It takes discipline to write a piece of only 100 words! This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by David Stewart.

Joanna’s story ~ Petals

Sula wanted to return outdoors, to feel the flowers’ silken petals drift through her fingers.
But the bell had rung.
She gazed through the window. Surely it wouldn’t be that dangerous?
Calla whispered, “I see your thoughts, sister. You cannot. You could be killed!”
Sula shrugged. “Don’t care. I want my freedom!”
Evading Calla’s grip, she opened the door, inhaled the air’s sweetness.
Teeth gleaming, the creatures streaked over the wall towards her.
Calla screamed.
Standing her ground, Sula cried, “LEAVE US!”
Bolts of copper light flamed from her hands; the creatures fled.
Thereafter, the bell remained forever silent.

[100 words]


Ron’s ~ The Freedom Bell

“Once nine’s nine;

Two nine’s eighteen;

Three nines are…..err, twenty-seven?”

“How old are you, Jackson? and still cannot recite your tables! Go and stand in the corner – AGAIN!”

I move to my usual spot, looking out, longing for the bell to ring and another day’s torture to end. Just an hour’s respite before I get home and Mum ‘n’  Dad start on at me. No bell to save me there, just more smacks for writing that cannot be read, poor spelling, and not being a tables parrot.  Just one hour alone in my woods, safe and alone.

[99 words]


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