C is for Cordello


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A = Ascended Reikan

B = Battle

In this extract from The Cordello Quest, Keira relates her first sight of Cordello:

From our elevated position, I could see down and across the valley. In one glance I took in the expanse of lush, vivid green foliage, punctuated by huge bell–shaped flowers in carmine, orange, purple and white, and many shades in between. The enormous flowering shrubs, when seen close–to, reminded me of rhododendrons. Their brilliant colours were beautifully offset by the glossy mid– and deep–green leaves; all of the plants looked incredibly healthy and vigorous.

Here and there, nestling shyly between the vast forests of glossy foliage, I could see signs of habitation – snippets of a curving path or road, an occasional hamlet or village peeking from its cradle of greenery. One wider pathway led down from where I stood, snaking its way through the valley.

But Cordello’s magic is not simply in its lush foliage, its ancient woodland, or its hidden lakes and waterfalls. Cordello’s beauty is in its people, in their cooperation, in their shared focus on love and learning, and working with universal energy for the higher good.

birds of peace

Cordello is home to Lord Charls and his people – including Julianna and her young son, Tobin, and Roanne, who becomes so important to Keira.

And, of course, Cordello is home to lovelight, that precious energy which enables the Cordellans to live harmoniously in their beautiful country. (A future blog post, L is for Lovelight, will cover this in more detail.)

It’s been tricky writing a post about this wonderful place in a way which – we hope – won’t spoil the experience of discovery for those who have not yet read The Cordello Quest! We’ve given it our best shot . . . how did we do? 😉

Shall we write the next in the series?

P.S. Other Cs we could have chosen: Crystal, Cornwall, Cavern or Charls. But how could we not use Cordello! 😀


10 responses to “C is for Cordello

  1. YES! Write! And fast!!! XXX


  2. PS–sorry, that was a bit overexcited. No pressure, just write. You know, one page at a time. LOL! Sorry ’bout that.x


    • Nicky, please don’t apologise! Enthusiasm on our blog brings it a wonderful vibe! 😀 Thanks, honey 🙂 Not sure what the next post ‘D is for …’ will actually *be* yet; C was soooo easy to choose lol.
      BTW edits for Mosaic of Light continue, as health and time allows, so there is progress, even if doesn’t seem that way!! 😛
      Thanks for visiting, Nicky – I know you’re madly busy 🙂


  3. I’m with Nicky, can’t wait for the next!!!!! These are wonderful!!! ❤


  4. It is excellent, Joanna. Nice punctuation, too, which makes it easy-to-read. I’ll have to pick it up as soon as I can.


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