Friday Fictioneers: “After the Flood” and “Tale from a Riverbank”

Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Erin Leary.

Happy New Year to all of the Fictioneers gang; may it be the best year yet!

Joanna’s story ~ After The Flood

“Water’s high everywhere,” David said. “But I wanted to show you this stretch. It seems different, somehow.”

“It has an odd light to it,” I agreed. The weak winter sun glossed the surface of the water so that it looked almost icy. I sighed. So many crops lost this year. How would we keep our heads above water? Might we lose the farm?

David gripped my hand. “Sarah, look!”

Hundreds of fish leapt from the water, their scales reflecting prismatic light in all directions, the air becoming bright with rainbows.

I turned to David and grinned. “Looks like we’re diversifying!”

[100 words]


Ron’s story ~ Tale from a Riverbank

Jackson eyes the shadowed horizon from his fishing stool.

The rising sun lifts dew, creating shifting shapes with falling mist.

Burbling of the river along the bank mixes with awakening tweetings of the hidden birds.

A distant caw of an early crow.

So peaceful.

This is why he fishes, not for the sport.

Down the bank heavier mists swirl into a deeper blanket gently drifting towards.

Hoof beats fill his ears.  Getting louder, quicker, closer.

Both hooves and heartbeats reach a gallop.

Nothing is seen.

Scream “Maria” invades his ears.

Jackson is knocked from the stool.

All is quiet again.

[100 words]


The tales written by other writers who’ve taken part this week can be found by clicking the blue frog below.

Our earlier stories can be found here and on our old blog.

Hope you enjoyed these tiny tales! If you like writing and want to take part in Fictioneers, please visit Rochelle’s blog for the “how to” guide. 🙂


22 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: “After the Flood” and “Tale from a Riverbank”

  1. Two different story lines and two different writing styles–enjoyed reading both tales.


  2. It is hard to write fairly about two such different offerings. I really liked Joanna’s tale of diversification…


  3. Gosh any farmer would love the opportunity to diversify.
    Hmm sounds like the headless horseman is in town.


  4. Enjoyed them both Joanna, lovely.


  5. Being able to change a path quickly can mean the difference between success and failure! Good story. Nan


  6. I think I enjoyed Ron’s this time. The suspense is palpable! 🙂


  7. That was a wonderfully uplifting take on the prompt.


  8. Dear Joanna (and Ron),

    Two very different takes on the prompt. Both lovely. Well done.




  9. I really liked the fun twist from the hardships in Joanna’s story.. Ron’s story very good too.. thank you.


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