New Year’s Resolutions … Yes or No?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s been traditional for people to make resolutions for the forthcoming year, however many have decided to forgo this ‘pleasure’ (some would label it as ‘torture’!)

New Year’s resolutions, often made in the aftermath of at least some over-indulgence, and with the twinkly Christmas lights and crackling fireworks offering added glitz, somehow seem to dissolve away once we return to our daily lives.

All those gym memberships go unused; the diet fails after a week or two; the affirmations get forgotten; the plan to change your life overnight doesn’t quite seem to work out . . . it takes 21 days to create a new habit (so I’ve read) and many resolutions don’t last even that long!

So what do we do?


I gave up making New Year’s resolutions years ago. The more I learn about being the best version of me that I can be, the keener I am to resolve every day (perhaps even every hour, on a challenging day!) to work towards that aim.

If I have a bad day, I don’t want to wait for another month (or six, or twelve) to make a concerted effort to change my energy and life for the better! 😉

So although don’t have a list of New Year’s resolutions, I do have a few intentions. I do my best to follow through on these as often as possible:

  • Eat and drink what suits my body and health best. (OK, I did let that slide a bit over Christmas! And I’ve become partial to French pastries and cidre!)

  • Rest ‘enough’ – as much as I need to feel good and healthy – and try not to focus solely on what I achieve. Life is not one long To Do list (which appears to be my default setting!) As anyone with a chronic illness will know, rest isn’t optional. 😉

  • In every event and situation, find something to feel good about! There’s always something, even if it’s just “I’m alive and breathing.”

  • Focus on what I have, and on those whom I love, rather than what I perceive I am lacking. Gratitude and appreciation work wonders on your energetic vibration!

  • Have fun and enjoy whatever I’m doing; if it’s not fun, find a way to make it so – or consider whether I actually need to do it!

  • Do my best to follow the Reiki precepts: Just for today, do not worry, do not anger, do my work honestly, value everything, and be kind to all.

  • In summary: Go with the flow, be as happy and grateful as I can be, and follow my intuition! 🙂


  • Find a way to balance the areas of my life so that MY expectations are met.

  • Eat enough (so easy, this one!)

  • Keep alcoholic consumption down to minimum (MY minimum of course!)

  • Explore the ‘art’ side of me after 40 odd years of indulging in sport!

  • Make a Will – well, now let’s think of something else cheerful. ;~)

  • Find something to leave in the Will – that’s better!

  • Finish at least one of the longer stories – 300 words is a REAL effort!

  • In summary: Continue to be as irreverently focused as ever!


What about you? Do you make resolutions for each New Year?

Have you made any for 2014 . . .  or just for today?

What are they? 😉

Wishing you a happy, joyful, abundant New Year, with magic everywhere you look . . .

~ Joanna and Ron


Image (C) Luigi Diamanti  / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions … Yes or No?

  1. For me, the present moment dictates the mood, so, while that might seem un-committal to some, I feel it is necessary to stay flexible, so I. Like Joanna, avoid resolution strictly-speaking . Never-the-less, I feel that 2014 will be a year that I take the threat of Fukushima and E.M.F.’s much more seriously, and will endeavour to purify my environment. This, of course, involves inner purification, as well.


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