Celebration time!
Celebration time!

Today, 19 November 2013, marks three years since Ron and I penned the first sentences of what was to become The Cordello Quest.

Where have the last three years gone?!

During the last three years we have:

  • written, edited and proofread The Cordello Quest;

  • stumbled into and through the brand new and highly technological world of self-publishing;

  • launched The Cordello Quest in limited and standard edition paperbacks, and on Kindle;

  • started a blog;

  • published free stories to our newsletter subscribers;

  • been interviewed on radio and published in Lightworker Magazine;

  • written (with some stops, starts, and stutters) Mosaic of Light (editing continues…);

  • found our blogging rhythm with Bitesize Tales, Friday Fictioneers, A-Z of The Cordello Quest, Recommended Reads, plus interviews, guest posts, etc.;

  • attended Writers’ Circle regularly, discovering a fierce passion for writing short stories…this led to publication of our first anthologies, The House of the Stormwind and Crystal, Fire and Water (which is free!);

  • held our first book signing at The Tangerine Tree Cafe in Totnes;

  • written the first 7000 words of a new novella;

  • had a short story, The Legend of Marina Cove, published in Torbay Times;

  • read hundreds of emails and blog posts about self-publishing, and how to reach the readers who are interested in what we write!

  • published over 6000 tweets (that’s a scary statistic!)

And who has kept us going? Who has encouraged us, let us know you love what we write and share with you?

You, that’s who!

To each of you, any of you, who have bought our books, Liked, Commented, Shared, Retweeted, written a review, recommended us to other readers, told us you love our stories, told us you love the energy and the insights in The Cordello Quest…or shown us your support in any way at all…


Thank you Balloons

We’d carry on writing even if no one read our novels and stories. That’s what writers do. But we never, ever undervalue just how precious and important your support is.

With gratitude,

Joanna & Ron

Images (c) Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net