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A battle is not always a physical exchange of power, not always with sword hefted and lance raised. Battle is not always about brute force or carnage or bloodsoaked ground.

Sometimes battle is between minds . . . or even within mind: between thoughts which encourage and lift and inspire, and thoughts which drain and upset and block.

Some battles are simply the fight for acceptance over resistance: knowing when things can’t (or even shouldn’t) change and being honestly okay with it. Winning that little skirmish, and trusting that the way things are is okay (at least for the moment), can make life’s challenges much easier to overcome.

Most of us have this war of words and emotions as we do our best to live this human existence! (If you don’t, congratulations!)

In The Cordello Quest, there are many inner and outer battles, some physical, some mental or emotional. They’re every bit as important – perhaps even more so – than the outer battles waged and won (or lost). Mastery of ourselves is a lifelong pursuit!

Perhaps the key ‘battle’ scene in The Cordello Quest takes place in the town square of neighbouring country, Vornen. In the battle for light, the momentum is on the cusp of shifting from sword and soldier to one of mind and natural magic – if only the key characters will listen and act upon the wisdom arising from the quiet, still voice of intuition…

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What is your biggest – or hardest – ‘battle’? Is it an inner one – or an outer one?

~ Joanna & Ron

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