Starry Skies and Synchronicities…

Inspiration is everywhere!

Inspiration is everywhere!

When Kirsty almost lost her life during surgery, she took this as a sign to start following her dreams, and to make the most of every moment.

Throughout November, Kirsty will be sharing inspirational posts on her blog, The Love of A Good Book.

Today, it’s our turn! We’re so chuffed to be part of this motivational and uplifting series!

>>> Our Inspiration post is here! <<<

Here’s a teaser:

Starry skies and synchronicities. A camping event for a group of classic car owners. I could never have known that, one day, they would result in me writing my first novel – let alone in partnership! But the universe works in mysterious ways . . .and this was just the beginning of what’s become an inspirational and life-changing journey.

I’d gone along to this car club camping event with my new boyfriend (a daft label when you’re both over 30!), not really knowing what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to begin chatting to one of my husband-to-be’s long-term friends – Ron – and to find out that we had loads in common. We were exchanging ideas, insights and thoughts as though we’d been friends for many lifetimes. (Tip: this usually means that such a meeting is not a coincidence, but is likely to be important to you both. These meaningful coincidences are often known as ‘synchronicities’.)

>>> Read the full story here! <<<

Please let us know what you think! 🙂

– Joanna and Ron


4 responses to “Starry Skies and Synchronicities…


    Does this count as a synchronicity? I was recommended to read something – The Biography of Emma Darwin (wife of Charles) by Edna Healey. This remarkable book about a remarkable woman led me to write my new Darwin novel – SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, which is about disenchantment with the obsolete religious instinct. The person who recommended the book was a priest!


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