Staircase to Heaven

This post is the first in an A-Z series linked with the first novel in our series: The Cordello Quest. We’re really looking forward to sharing more about the series and its characters with you! Please Like, Share or Comment if you enjoy the post, so that we know to write the next letter in the series!

So, what the heck is an Ascended Reikan?

And how can we tell you without ‘spoilers’? Hm, tricky . . . but let’s give it a shot. 😉

Reika (pronounced ‘Ray-kah’) is located close to Cordello. It is a place of extremely high energetic vibration, which has been created through living with harmony and understanding. Living in this way has allowed the inhabitants to evolve beyond the physical plane.

In its past, many Reikans – all of whom are now on the higher planes – studied crystals there, and used those energies in their daily lives. The crystal healers, practitioners and students knew of the unique frequencies transmitted by each type of stone, and learned to work synergistically with those energies for the benefit of all of Reika.

Crystals feature in the second half of The Cordello Quest. Given that both Ron and I (Joanna) love using and carrying crystals, it was simply impossible not to include them within the story. As with most elements of The Cordello Quest, they actually wrote themselves in. 😉

Ascended Reikans are those ‘souls’ who continue to work with lovelight and the Cordellans (and hopefully others) as a sort of spirit guide: encouraging, inspiring, motivating and guiding with great wisdom. A certain special someone, who has a significant impact on both Keira and Jason, has her very own interview right here. We always knew she’d do well in a starring role!

One thought to leave you with, if you haven’t yet read The Cordello Quest: How does a crystal tower feature in the story? 😉

~ Joanna & Ron

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