Totnes Book Signing #1 on 3 July 2013 Tangerine Tree Cafe 008

Absolutely brilliantly! It was so much fun – we had a fabulous time chatting with people, some who were already friends, some who were strangers (but we hope are now friends, too!)

Totnes Book Signing #1 on 3 July 2013 Tangerine Tree Cafe 004

There were some marvellous synchronicities – our very first ‘guest’ was a lovely lady who’s written a book containing … yes, you’ve guessed it – crystals! Her novel’s heroine is named Tiera (whereas ours is, of course, Keira) and she said she simply had to come and meet us! She brought her own novel, Dawndancer, for us to look at. We’ll certainly be checking it out! This lovely lady is also a talented artist.

Dawndancer by Kate Crozier

The atmosphere of our space within the Tangerine Tree Cafe was warm and welcoming. Joanna had also sent Reiki and lovelight to the space ahead of time to ensure that it felt as positive and light as possible. She took a pouch of crystals along to further enhance the energy of the space. That prompted some discussion, with guests handling the crystals and talking about their own experiences.

Clear Quartz image

In addition, the cakes were divine and the coffee is Ron’s favourite blend of the moment. He’s very particular about his coffee, is Ron. 😉

Our event has certainly given us the taste for meeting with more of our readers (existing and future) in person, and we’d love to do another sometime. Or two. Or three …. especially if cake is involved!

Huge thanks go to Jo’s husband, Walt, for taking the photographs, and to Ron’s wife, Mo, for graciously allowing him ‘time off’ to attend meetings and events with Jo! 🙂

Totnes Book Signing #1 on 3 July 2013 Tangerine Tree Cafe 006

If you couldn’t make the event and would like to purchase a paperback copy of The Cordello Quest, you might be interested to know that Amazon UK are currently discounting it to just £4.19. The Cordello Quest is also available online through Waterstones, The Book Depository, WHSmith, etc, if you prefer to shop elsewhere.

And for us, it’s back to writing, editing and doing what we can to raise the profile of our work! 🙂

Joanna and Ron 🙂