Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog.

You can find our stories below. The tales written by other writers who’ve taken part this week can be found by clicking the blue frog below.

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Image credit: E L Appleby
Image credit: E L Appleby

Joanna’s story ~

I don’t know what I am. Never a solitary moment to taste the silence, find its flavour.

Wife, mother, daughter, friend, colleague. So many roles, so many faces. A whirlpool of colours, textures, feelings, attitudes. Biting my tongue, hiding my true feelings. Shielding my expressions, yielding to someone else.

Rule-maker, rule-breaker. Responsible and reckless. Which am I? Are they all me?

Where is my own voice? Where is my own soul in all of this noise?

I will write. My words will be alchemy. I will learn what is me, what is in my soul.

I will set myself free.

[100 words]

Ron’s story ~

Deep in the middle of Cornwall, on the edge of the dark, forbidding Bodmin Moor lives an old woman. Her cottage sits, hidden, at the end of a muddy lane that no one but she ever uses. The locals know better than to disturb her.

Day after day she toils at her craft. She wanders her collecting points salvaging all the material she needs for her horrific creations. All night the noises can be heard emanating from the smoking chimney. The hideous clicks and gurglings as tea is consumed and knitting needles make more knitted monsters for her charity stall . . .

[100 words]