Image: Amazon website
Image: Amazon website

Joanna’s thoughts

Bought on a whim, and in paperback, this is one of the best books I’ve read in recent months. It’s fantasy, with portals to other worlds, so appeared to be right up my street! The heroine even has hair the colour of lapis lazuli! 😀

Book one of a trilogy, this YA tale is wonderfully imaginative. It has humour, romance, magic, unsolved questions, and great characters (how about Brimstone for a name? Elsewhere for a place?)

But what really calls to me is the lyrical prose Laini Taylor weaves through the storyline. This is what I aspire to as a writer – fantastic and accessible storytelling, with phrases which feel so good; imagery that you can taste like sweetness and magic upon your tongue.

This is when writing is transformed into something extraordinary – that’s true for me, anyway, but is that just because I’m passionate about words and writing? 😉

Ron’s thoughts

When an author writes a fantasy story, they have to describe the world in their terms so that the reader can place the “action”.  

In this case Laini Taylor has created two very believable worlds intertwined from the past and leading to a new future – but in a reality of today.  

Characters and “people” grow and react with human reality in situations beyond actuality.  Or is it that we are ignoring what is around us ?


So … does Daughter of Smoke and Bone appeal to you? Have you read it? If so, what did you think of it?


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