Be Careful What You Wish For

Copyright Janet Webb

Copyright Janet Webb

Every Friday, writers from around the globe join in sharing their flash fiction stories, each tiny tale written in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. Anyone can take part – if you’d prefer not to write, then just enjoy reading all these free stories!

You can find Joanna’s and Ron’s stories for this week below, whilst the tales crafted by other writers can be found here (or you can click the blue frog below!) Our earliest stories can be found on our old blog.

This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Janet Webb.

Joanna’s story ~

I roll the pebble over in my hand. It’s smooth, washed by sand and tide and time. Waves slide up the beach, edged with frills of bubbles like white lace. Danny hands me something, his small fingers probing the holes: a wasps’ nest.

Memory overlays my present.

Midsummer. Grandmother Agnes in her starched black dress, edged with stiff lace. Disdain. A box of crystals. Bees droning outside the open window. I’m scared of Grandmother. I choose a yellow stone, a citrine, and make a wish.

Grandmother vanishes.

“Put that down, Danny,” I tell my young son. “Don’t touch anything.”

[99 words]

Ron’s story ~

Danny surveys the beach: not busy, but with children playing games, running on the cold water’s edge or trying to keep upright traversing the seaweed-covered rocks.  The adults are walking with vigour along the beach, sitting on the cliff edge watching their youngsters in the pools, or just standing chatting.

Danny’s Dad is sitting in what he calls a “lotus position” with eyes shut.  Danny wonders why he is the only one in wellies and hooded anorak.

Danny decides to do “something”. He stands up and wanders over to the debris on the tideline, picking up a honeycomb.

[98 words]


21 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. First of all, welcome back!! Haven’t seen you for too long. I like the way your two stories show two different sides of the same incident and I like the understated twist at the end of yours, Joanna.



  2. I enjoyed both, as ever. Got a good sense of ‘grandmother’ from just a few words. In the second one I wasn’t sure who was in the wellies and anorak, Danny or his father. I love the way you both do a take on the same prompt – well done, both of you.


  3. I like these and the way they both weave together. Grandmother sounds alarming, but at least she had a box of crystals!


  4. The two perspectives were great. The depiction of the shoreline was very well done.


  5. Wonderful! I love the grandmother memory.


  6. Good to see you back again! I enjoyed the flip sides of the same coin. Nicely done, both of you.


  7. I was blessed to have grandmothers I loved to be around. I thought both stories were fabulous.


  8. Very interesting duo. Both stories — although totally different — made me want to know more. I felt like someone trying really hard to see around a corner to see if I could figure out what caused Joanna to fear Grandmother — and what caused Danny to be in boots and a coat. Well done.


  9. I think I feel a little sorry for poor Danny.. here.. and I really liked both stories.


  10. Seems like there is a touch of magic woven through the first story, with Grandmother vanishing with a wish and all.


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