Thank you

Bouquet of flowers

It’s nine days since the launch of The House of the Stormwind, and we have just about caught our breath! (We both have other businesses in addition to this one, so we’re usually pretty busy even without a book launch!)

We wanted to thank everyone  who joined us at our Facebook party / launch; it was a lot of fun, and good to chat to so many of you. You were so supportive, and with writing being a mostly solitary occupation, that support – and friendship – means a lot!

It’s great to see our book ‘flying off the shelves’, too – we hope those of you reading it are enjoying it. We hope you’ll let us know? Even better, leaving an Amazon or Smashwords review helps other readers to decide whether The House of the Stormwind is ‘worth buying’. To all of you who will go on to leave us a review, please know that we are grateful for every single one. 🙂

Now we are looking forward again, and doing our best to find a good balance between writing for this blog and our Creations newsletters, and getting back to writing stories (something we have both missed quite a lot!) After all, we have Mosaic of Light to finish, and more short stories clamouring to be told!

So thank you for all your support, thank you to everyone who’s already purchased The House of the Stormwind (and/or The Cordello Quest!), thank you to everyone who shared the launch event – or other posts – on Facebook, or tweeted or retweeted us during and after the launch.

We really do appreciate you!

Joanna & Ron 🙂


5 responses to “Thank you

  1. Dammit clicking on that LIKE icon and WordPress isn’t having it! I’m glad the launch went well for you and all your hard work is being vindicated. Hope you are also feeling better, Jo? xx


    • Ah, now it is, crafty bugger! x


      • Hehehe is WP pressing your buttons, Yasmin?!

        Thank you for Liking! Yes, it’s good to see results – you know just how much work goes into these books ‘behind the scenes’ with all the editing, checking, re-checking, formatting, etc.

        Feeling much better thanks – the M.E. isn’t too bad, and the virus is pretty much gone except for the cough. So business as usual – but I must be better about pacing my small energy supply! Thanks for asking. xx


  2. What a thoughtful blog post Jo 🙂 Hope the path is smoother … at least no more challenges for a decent length of time 😉 x


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