A few weeks ago we contacted a local community newspaper to ask if they’d be interested in publishing one of our short stories. They said YES . . . so we wrote THE LEGEND OF MARINA COVE especially for local readers.

It was accepted and published, so of course we had to buy a couple of copies for posterity!

As seems to be the case when you allow others control of your work (erm, I mean gracefully give it up to them to do with it what they will) a few strange errors snuck into the final piece (“looming sandstone cliffs” became “loomings and stone cliffs”. Ahem!) And they didn’t quite get our names right . . .


But we’re focusing on the good. We got the Lazuli Portals name ‘out there’ to a new audience, and hopefully we’ve gained some interest! And isn’t that what it’s all about, at the end of the day?

Then again, maybe we’ll just end up wrapped around someone’s fish and chips. 😉

Joanna & Ron 🙂