The Pull

Every Friday, writers from around the globe join in sharing their flash fiction stories, each tiny tale written in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. Anyone can take part – if you’d prefer not to write, then just enjoy reading all these free stories!

You can find Joanna’s and Ron’s stories for this week below, whilst the tales crafted by other writers can be found here (or you can click the blue frog below!) Our earliest stories can be found on our old blog.

Image copyright David Stewart

Image copyright David Stewart

Joanna’s story ~

Fingers locked tight around his ankle, she resisted the strong, opposing pull of his body.

His cries were painful to hear; but she didn’t dare let go. She saw him reaching, grasping at the air, mouth split wide in his agony.

She closed her eyes and prayed, asking the Source for deliverance, a reprieve. Yet despite everything, she sensed him slipping away.

Determination, fierce, uncompromising and protective, strengthened her. One powerful pull . . . then he was free, sliding beneath the muddy water with her. He gathered her to him. “Thank you, Wife. Your love has saved us.”

[100 words]

Ron’s story ~

She left, with a brief touch of the lips.

She just left me alone in our favourite meeting place.

So often we have met here and shared our dreams, our secret time filled with special moments.

But she says no more. She says it’s over. She no longer wants this.

Hopelessly in my loss I reach out for her. She is gone, beyond touch.

Alone, again, I am so cold.

No point in anything.

Stay reaching out and waiting for new warmth.

[82 words]


19 responses to “The Pull

  1. Not sure I’d want to be saved if it meant drowning (at least that’s the way I interpreted it), although he doesn’t seem to mind. Ron, I was encouraged that your character at least is still reaching out and hasn’t shut himself off completely.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the two of you and may it be a happier one that either of your scenarios! 🙂



  2. Quite a turn-around on the photo prompt in the first one – wasn’t expecting that angle. Both very enjoyable, as ever.


  3. This is really well written.


  4. It wasn’t immediately clear to me that they both wanted to be in the water.
    interesting angle. i should try that sometime 🙂

    Second one is sad .
    Well done.


  5. Dear Joanna (and Ron)
    I enjoyed both stories this week. My impression is that these are two completely different stories. The first one of determination and fierce love that conquers all while the second is of broken dreams and relationships. You can correct me if I’m wrong.


  6. I enjoyed both Joana. The first one gave me the impression that man and wife died together. The second one was about desertion. Both powerful but different message of love 🙂


  7. Interesting take, Joanna, and I think it became clear that they were of another world when she prayed to the Source (associated with the headwaters of streams, etc.?) Ron, yours is interesting for the resilience of the man who reaches out for new warmth after the cold chill of rejection.


    • Oh good, thanks for that, VB! You never know how readers will perceive what the 100 words say, when you have the full technicolour movie in your head as the writer!

      Ron and resilience – yes, that word is a good match for him, and for his character.

      Thanks again.


  8. I really like the twist in Joanna’s story. That’s a charm of many story that reality of the tale hit you right at the end. Ron’s story hit me right in the gut.. A situation I am not in, but of course a constant fear of ending up in.


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