Sun, sea and Sphinx

Every Friday, writers from around the globe join in sharing their flash fiction stories, each tiny tale written in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. Anyone can take part, but if you’d prefer not to write, then we’d love you to simply enjoy the stories as a reader.

You can find our stories for this week below, whilst the stories crafted by other writers can be found here (or you can click the blue frog below!) Our earliest stories can be found on our old blog.

Path to sunny beach

Image credit: Renee Heath

Joanna’s story ~ Sphinx

I take an energising breath of sea air. “What a gorgeous day!”
“That endless sky!” Suzie says, smiling.”Where d’you want to sit?”
My feet slither over warm, soft sand. “How about here?”
Suzie drops the towels with a contented sigh.
I shade my eyes with my hand. “What’s that huge hump over there?”
It sits proud from the sand like a half-collapsed sphinx.
It draws me closer. Unease coils around my spine like a serpent.
I raze some of the sand.
Something firm lies beneath.
I touch a hand: cool, human, lifeless.
“Suzie!” I cry. “Call 999!”

[98 words]

Ron’s story ~

What was it I used to say, “Sun, sea and sex”. Well I have a nice tan, and swam a lot, but….
Still, the company has been good. Plenty of bars and dancing, and some good trips out. I just would have…..
No, no matter now. This is my last trip for a swim and beachside sangria. Still hope yet, I suppose; always hope. Am going to miss this sun.
No, don’t ponder, enjoy the time left before the plane home and back to my solitary retirement bungalow.
Wish my walking stick didn’t keep getting stuck between these silly slats.

[100 words]


34 responses to “Sun, sea and Sphinx

  1. Nicely done, both of them. What a way to go!


  2. Thank you, Sandra – glad you enjoyed them! 🙂


  3. Two very different stories. Joanna’s was shocking, Ron’s sad. Both excellent 🙂


  4. I like both stories. I found Ron’s very realistic of inner dialogue – you painted a very complete picture of him.


  5. Enjoyed both stories–well done!!


  6. 999? not 911? nothing like a good day spoiled. especially for whoever is beneath the flies. well done.


  7. Enjoyed them both. The old folks are getting a workout (one way or another) this week as well as the “sex on the beach” group (one way or another!) 🙂



  8. Johanna’s story I love for the twist, and Ron’s down to earth melancholy was so well fitting to the picture.


  9. Thanks for the bit of education, Joanna. Should I ever realize my dream of a visit to the UK and have an emergency I’ll know to call 999. I enjoyed both stories. Really felt Ron’s MC’s loneliness and your slithering snake references. Thanks for your kind comments on my story.


  10. Enjoyed both, for the second one, was that “ballroom” dancing?

    Is emergency 999 where you are? It is 911 here in the states.


  11. I’m just such a sucker for an elder story and Ron’s is great. My favorite of the two and his walking stick getting stuck in the slats, perfection!


  12. Hi Joanna and Ron,
    Both stories focus on a negative. But I think I’d rather be chaste than come across a body. Both stories had interesting premises and were well-written. The other Ron.


  13. Cool! A hand under the sand…

    Don’t ever give up hope for sex…


  14. I enjoyed both of these a lot. Love that Ron’s MC was older and the shocking discovery on Joanna’s beach. Well done both!


  15. Wow, a dead body. I don’t think i have read anything like that yet.


  16. Joanna – a well done mood switch! Just a beautiful relaxing day on the beach…wait a minute…not relaxing at all.
    Ron – poor old guy. The “solitary retirement bungalow” is sad in itself, but the detail of his cane getting stuck in the boardwalk is pitiful. Well written.


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