Cello Tales

Every Friday, writers from around the globe join in sharing their flash fiction stories, each tiny tale written in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. Anyone can take part, but if you’d prefer not to write, then we’d love you to simply enjoy the stories as a reader.

You can find our stories for this week below, whilst the stories crafted by other writers can be found here. Our earliest stories can be found on our old blog.


Friday Fictioneers 11 Jan 2013 copyright-roger-cohen

Image copyright: Roger Cohen

Jo’s Story ~ Cello Hello

“This is snug.”
“You’re not wrong. Your strings are tangling in mine.”
“Well, sorry!”
“No, no, I didn’t mean – ”
“It’s not my fault we’re standing so close!”
“But I’m happy with – ”
“I don’t even want to be played at this concert, anyway.”
Hesitation. “You don’t?”
“No! I hate performing before a crowd!”
“Really? You always seem so confident.”
“Appearances can deceive!”
“Well . . . if you perform that well, feeling scared, you’re more amazing than I thought!”
“Oh . . . d’you think so?”
“Absolutely – you’re fantastic.”
“I had no idea . . .”
Beautiful music crests the air.

[106 words]

Ron’s Story ~

I’m so strung out
And I’m boxed in
No room to even quaver
Note all pressing in around

A bridge too far
As some may achord
Hid plectrumed away
Feeling so hollow inside

Still fret you not
My gut does say
Bow strongly and accept
Saddled here so scrolled away

Peg that melody
And tune in fine
We’ll reach the pit
F-holed up to end

[66 words]

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44 responses to “Cello Tales

  1. Loved both of them and I can hear the conversation playing in my head even now.


  2. Cello Hello – How comes no one else thought of that? Brilliant 😀


  3. A nice play on words, both of them. Well done.


  4. Ok both are so different and clever!!! I don’t know how you two do this, lol. You make it look easy. Loved them both.


  5. i love Jo’s story…very creative dialogue there…Nicely done!


  6. Cute offerings…both of them. Love a good play on words.


  7. Love the dialogue in Jo’s Story – strong characters both. And enjoyed the word play in Ron’s. Well done.


  8. The first one was my favourite. It was lovely listening to the conversation between two lovestruck cellos.


  9. What fun! Are there really two of you or just a split personality? (Don’t know why that just popped into my head, but I think reading all the FF stories puts those sort of thoughts front and center and I couldn’t resist.) 🙂


  10. Both of these are great!! The first one made me smile and the second one is really clever 🙂


  11. good ones! I loved the dialog, but secretly I’m a poet at heart. I declare a tie! You two make beautiful music ( laughing )


  12. both are great 🙂 enjoyed reading them, really ^^


  13. Love me some poetry … especially with music in it. Thank-you!


  14. Good characterizations. If instruments could talk…nice play on words, and good paced dialogue. It was very easy to read and feel.


  15. I admire the dialog, and I love the poetry. Good wordplay makes my day.


  16. Dear Joanna and Ron,

    Point and counterpoint in your two fine pieces, the first lovely and fair, the second a strong play on words and shape and function. Well done to you both.




  17. I like the part about thinking other people are so confident. Clever poem, Ron… I don’t think you missed anything.


  18. Thanks, Ted! Ron said he did a bit of research for his piece – he does like wordplay, so that was right up his street. 🙂


  19. Good work!
    I particularly like how the angry cello changes tone when she(?) realises that the other thinks she is amazing.


  20. consider this change:

    “You’re not wrong. Your strings are tangling in mine.”

    “I know. Our strings are tangled.”

    the line “you’re not wrong” sounds awkward.

    well done.


  21. Thanks, Rich. Perhaps the phrasing works better on this side of the Atlantic. 😉


  22. Love them both…but i have to say i am partial to Jo’s story this week. I could see myself been that cello…very well done


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